"The heart of this country's break makes for a textured entry point for curating Black motherhood.  A rich layered legacy that has yet to be fully exposed so I wrestle with revealing myself even to myself. When you are bred by law and persecution in the midst of pain becomes a badge of honor bring us the bread and roses becomes a battle cry.  Every piece of my being is peppered with it.  I have a dark, soul wrenching, heartbreaking, yet somehow breathtakingly beautiful love affair with the south.   For better or worse, it is my home, my anchor.  Although I have drifted the lighthouse of my heart always guides me back.  I honor the blood shed here that built this land.  The blood reached to the highest office in this land and flows to the to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.  The blood that gives me strength from day to day, it will never lose its power." -Bible Belt Black: A Biomythography, TEDxTalk          

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"Gangstas on skates is one of the most graceful things I have ever seen." -Episode 6, I Get It From My Mama

"Both of you are very 'Rafiki' about talking to your kids about sex." -Episode 8, Not Yo Mama's Sex Talk

"Motherhood is not the graveyard of our dreams." -Episode 7, Listener Letters


Etta Mae Taught Me: The Political as Personal – An Interview With Speaking Down Barriers

In this interview I sit down with Marlanda Dekine and Scott Neely, founders of Speaking Down Barriers and discuss activism.

On Conjuring King: A Poem

American exceptionalism is built on revisionist history. Ability to erase with ease Hard to resist resurrecting once deemed anti-American martyrs into saints. Carving into palatable pieces Peddle forgiveness/unity Absent of […]

Playing Catch Up: Black Women & Breastfeeding

I have a really dope friend whose passion is supporting women, particularly Black women, who are breastfeeding and breastfeeding education.  Nikki Killings aka Lactation Lioness is Bible Belt Black’s guest […]

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